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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories

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A New Way Home by Zachary Elmblad - NOW AVAILABLE!

Journey across the asphalt circle serpent that is the American road trip psychodrama. Explore some of the more pressing issues we face as a society: Racism, sexism, drug use, economic collapse, religion, philosophy, existence, outer space, history, war, freedom, fame, fortune, and folly.

All things to ponder on your way home.

It's a long road out, but it's better to have gone somewhere than nowhere at all. From cash registers to geopolitics, from love to shooting stars, and from acid trips to the Care Bears, Zach Elmblad seeks to show what he thinks we're doing wrong, and what we can do to stop it.

The Earth is a big lonely rock kickin' it around the Sun, having a good old time floating through the vast nothing of outer space. We're all stuck on the rock together whether we like it or not.

Think for yourself. Know yourself. Fight for yourself.

It's all about you. Enjoy the Journey!