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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories


Borderline Vagabond, Hardcover


Borderline Vagabond is the third novel by Author Zachary Elmblad. Written between 2010 and 2012, Borderline Vagabond describes the events over a weekend trip from Kalamazoo, Mi to Chapel Hill, Nc in search of the American Dream. After Walking out of his job, the Borderline Vagabond drains his bank accounts and travels to North Carolina seeking counsel from his friend, Hooper Felonious. At his suggestion, the pair drive to a strip club outside Chapel Hill where the vagabond may have stumbled upon his own American Dream. After spending the evening with Jasmine, the dancer he met at the club, the vagabond must decide what he is - a wolf ready to strike, or a lamb being led to slaughter. What is the American Dream? How does one seek it? What happens when you catch it? Hooper seems to have found his down south, but will the same hold true for the Vagabond? As Trucker Don would say, you can't find anything that you aren't looking for. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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