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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories


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The Disconnect Galleries and Lounge


Disconnect Kalamazoo

Subvert the mainstream!

Buy local art, make local art.

Featuring ONLY local art by local artists.

Music of all genres represented in Kalamazoo, Books, Paintings, Photographs, Drawings, Independent Film, Pottery, Art Glass, Sculpture, Pastries, Book Readings, Poetry Readings, Small Concerts, Workshops, Seminars, and anything else having to do with art from your local Kalamazoo Scene. If you can put it in a house and call it art, we'll sell it.  

There is no such thing as obscene at The Disconnect. We believe all art is an expression of the human condition, and nothing is sacred or profane. It also, sadly, is what it is. It is natural elements arranged in an esthetically pleasing way. No painting is worth a million dollars. Leave your expectations at the door, and disconnect from the mainstream. Keep art meaningful, keep art accessible, keep art inexpensive, and keep art local.  

Get to know your local artists with weekly meet and greet events, special gallery showings, signings, independent film debuts, featured artists, and an ever-growing list of local independent books and music!    

Get your art shown in Kalamazoo without an agent, without a record company, without a publisher, and without any middlemen at all! Know that your creative output is valued in your community, and make your voice heard!

Come look at art, buy art, sit, and disconnect.

Looking to open a retail store in Downtown Kalamazoo sometime 2010, and limited gallery space will be available to parties interested in providing works for the grand opening gala event. Offering membership, consignment, and featured artist opportunities.    

If you are interested in providing help as a featured artist at the grand opening, as a business partner, or as a potential investor, please email [email protected] and let us know how you can help!