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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories


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The Steel Star Experiment Presents: "Permanent Vacation EP"

Permanent Vacation - 2009 - (28:29) (DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM, 128k - It's Free!)

1. Drive (2:34)

2. Hand Rolled Cigarettes (4:29)

3. Hey There Dreamer (6:06)

4. Waste (4:35)

5. Threading the Needle (4:20) - FREE PREVIEW

6. Prodigal Son (6:04)

7. Twenty One Summers (4:07) - FREE PREVIEW


//Drive (Instrumental)//

//Hand Rolled Cigarettes//

Smell the smell of burnt cigarettes, it's astonishing how much we forget. Then you wake up and the time is gone; you find yourself singing really sad song. Roll out of bed and flip on the tube, just to remember everything you can lose. Procrastinate washing last night's filth, smoke one more cigarette and bury the guilt. What do we do when we get out of bed? Try to avoid, [by] not putting guns to our heads. Wait for the media to tell us the truth, and get real bummed to find they're selling it to you. Try and avoid people walking down the street, thumbing cell phones and stumbling their feet. We're all enslaved by the things we create - just smoke your cigarette and shoulder the weight. The nicotine burns my eyes as I question "why?" I always try so hard just to fail at life. Questions run through my skull - the paths we take through life - I'm always a fading star, as the moon recedes from the sky. I'll always wonder how I can be without a path to follow and a map to show me the way. Life's too short to make amends, no need to apologize to friends. You're going to die at the end. Life's too short to make amends.

//Hey There Dreamer//

Hey there, dreamer (in a world full of dreams.) Won't you throw a dream my way? (oh, just for one day) Hey there, madness (well the world's a little mad) won't you curse the day I came? (Curse the day I came.) Hey there, lady (hey, pretty lady), won't you take me where I lay? (oh, won't you take me?) Hey there, sorrow (well the sky's a little grey) won't you come another day (better yet, don't come at all.) Hey there, action (you speak louder than words) won't you bring me there to stay (or don't bring me at all.) Hey there, morning (oh, just about dawn) won't you wipe the tears away? (tears rolling down your cheeks) Hey there longing, won't you take my pain away? I tried to pay attention, I tried to hear your words, but all those broken promises just seemed to make it worse. I tried to read your actions, I tried to make things right. I can't live the lie any more, I've tried. So the fact that I'm alone again means nothing to you now, but will you be my only friend? I could get used to it somehow. Do you know what it's like to be lonely? Do you know what it's like to be alone? I tried, I can't, surprise- she's taken! You will suffer.


One day, he woke up, found his life was a lie. One day, he spoke up, found his chance to be right. One day his time was up, and he paid the price. Debased, defiant of the way that he lived, he never learned just what a conscience did. Too little prophet, but too much of a man. He didn't know he had the world in his hands. You never tried to understand, you never learned your lessons. In time we learned your actions, but you never paid the price. God made you a waste, baby, it's time to take out the trash. You'll never know. It's just a waste of time. Don't ever try. Don't try stepping out of line. Don't you? Don't you think it's true? The world does not revolve around you. I don't wanna tear your walls down, but just what kind of world have you found? Confront, conform, content? Defy! Was it all a waste? Is this what it feels like? Have I been put in my place? I don't know what I found, buried six feet underground. I don't know. This viscious road was frightening, but your curves were so inviting. Had to take my chance at leaving, I'm not asking for forgiveness. I'm just trying to say I'm breaking up with you, god what a waste of time!

// Threading the Needle//

Everything is temporary. Seasons pass, and things get scary - we all think we know, but maybe, nothing is as it appears. Most things in life seem illusionary, the burdens get too heavy to carry. Give it up while you still can, there's plenty of time to become a man. Keep running from your problems, kill tomorrow for yesterday again. Everything is temporary. Seasons pass and things get scary. We all think we know but maybe - nothing is as it appears. Everything is temporary. Seasons pass and things get scary. Most things in life seem illusionary. Give it up while you still can, plenty of time to become a man. Kill tomorrow for yesterday. You can never be too sure. You can never be too sure.

//Prodigal Son//

If you'd follow your own advice, you could avoid all of this. Make a triumph out of it, stitch a story from this. Learn a lesson from this. Alone. (Have to react) I'd never (walk alone) Alone. Make a triumph out of it, stitch a story from this. Learn a lesson from this. You'd be alone through all of this. I never lied when I said I'd try to make peace with the fact that you're not alive, but every second I sit and think of things that I should have said and never did, I try to swallow second thoughts of time well spent and broken trust. But I never thought the end would come as quick as it did - does anyone? (does anyone) It's a sad eulogy for a half-lived life and as much as I fight it, I think I might take just a second out of every day to think about the things that I wanted to say. And that will have to be enough for me, because as long as you're gone I'll never get a chance to be your prodigal son. (Your prodigal son) I'd like to take a moment to reflect on (death.) Take a look at your life and realize there's not much (time) to take a look at yourself, look forward and see what's (next) re-arrange your lifestyle, and live like this day is your last. I'll never walk alone (with memories.) Huh, I never thought it'd actually be this hard to weave some sort of fairy tale about all the things we went through while you were still around. Every once in a while, I look to my right and try to pass a bowl of chronic to the man in the yellow coat, but you're not there - no matter when, no matter why, no matter how. I know it's kind of been a long time since you offed yourself and all, but I'm really curious to know how the afterlife's been treating you. We spent so much time talking about metaphysical existence after death, you know, but I guess that's the really sad thing about self-imposed mortality. You never really get to have another chance. But I know I'll never walk alone, because the legacy of everyone I know I keep to myself. But some day, all of these stories will be told- I promise. And I don't back down on my word, you know that. I learned a lesson or two from every face I've seen in reality - or in a dream - but there's one lesson I know I learned for sure. I'll never be the prodigal son.  

//Twenty One Summers//

What once was lost can now be found among the ashes and destruction that I see along the ground. I found a place to keep my stance, and all I see is stupid faces and I know I'll just get lost out in the crowd. I hide my face among the chosen ones that see beyond the choices that we make from day to day. But the Earth is cluttered with the corpses of my battle, and as hard as I try, I just can't look away. Twenty-one summers done, plenty more left to come. But I might be alone for this one. Where did everyone go tonight? Must be I missed the rapture, or maybe I missed the invite, I don't know but it'll be alright. Now I found a place in my mind, where I don't have to hide. I won't have to be afraid anymore. Now, I don't have to dwell inside this living hell that other people live inside, it's out of mind I'd say. Picked up the pieces of the puzzle, now I'm glad to say I put those pieces right back in their place. It's no surprise to see I'm standing tall on solid ground to conquer, and to shove it in their face. I was a broken man, but now my wings are mended and I think I can remember how to fly. I'll build a castle on these broken pieces, I'll build it so tall I'll make the towers touch the sky. It's been so long since I could find the faith inside myself, a way to find the truth in all the lies. And now there's no pretending that the forces holding my down just took a shit and died. And there just has to be a reason I'm still standing here to look out at all the stupid faces, smile, and know that I'm alive!

//Production Notes//

All Songs Copyright 2009 The New Scum Productions

All music and words by Zach Elmblad.

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by The New Scum Productions.

Gun image from, taken and altered without permission.

This release is available for free, but a higher quality mp3 version can be purchased for five dollars in the New Scum Store, as well as in a traditionally packaged compact disc format.