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Elmblad Media Group

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Pursuing a new cultural paradigm since 2005

The New Scum is a progressive community of self-actualized artistic producers operating in an open exchange of artistic ideas and resources to benefit the goals and endeavors of community members, and to make them a reality through mutual group benefit. We seek a community effort, not to stifle the Individual, but to assist in ascertaining the conceptual tools needed to thrive. We are musicians, writers, filmmakers, speakers, painters, sculptors, comedians, intellectuals, academics, philosophers, and visionaries. We have a great many divergent opinions and conflicting lifestyles, but we all value one thing in common- our individualism. We want to restore existential and cultural relevance to words, art, music, and life in America.     

Earth is but a massive sphere floating through the incomprehensibly vast expanses of space and time. Our world is a dynamic place, but it is a finite place- and with the Internet now a superimposed entity on our daily lives we have all the more ability and drive to create the world that we want to live in as a collective group of "people, on earth."  

We want to pool our intellectual and productive talents to help each other do what we do - create. Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights, publishing, UPCs, XMl, RSS, RIAA, MPAA, IMDB, ISBNs, ASCAP, BMI, distribution, iTunes, Amazon, Ebay, region formats, advertising, ethics, legal issues, duplication, graphic design - all this hurdle jumping leads us to believe that a group ethic would benefit everyone - artist and appreciator alike. Let's get together and make something great- Words, Art, and Music. By the people, for the people.  

We don't want to profit from your exuberance, we want your star in our constellation! 

Who is the New Scum?  

Anyone who thinks with their own mind, and who possesses both the will and ability to express it.

The jaded heathens making fast food to earn a buck, the misanthropic convenience store clerks, the wandering drunks, the leather-clad concert hall warriors, the wine-sipping gallery patrons, the sympathetic intelligentsia, the scheming revolutionaries, the war-torn journalists, the disenfranchised student debt slaves, the apathetic toll booth operators, the truck drivers, the bong tokers, the passionate artists, the venture capitalists, the toothless bums, the cat-stroking bookworms, the battle hardened veterans, the beatest vagabonds, and even the pillars of normality all get a seat at our table. If you love who you are and you're not afraid to let the whole world know it , You ARE the New Scum. An assemblage of organic matter on the crust of the earth, also made of the same atoms you are, all bound together physically by our world, and existentially intertwined with temporally infinitesimal communication technology.         

Officially speaking, The New Scum Productions is a company that Zach Elmblad formed in 2009 to represent his and his collaborator's words, art, and music. Beyond that; the New Scum, proper, is an ideology. We support the advancement of technology, the evolution of open society and information, free thought, for-profit artisans, and a thriving locally-based yet globally-minded small business community.  

The New Scum Manifesto

We believe that a life without words, art, and music is a life not worth living.

We believe that one person cannot have all the answers, but that many people with many answers can do a great many things.

We believe that a strong local art community is vital to local identity.

Exposure to a wide range of beliefs, view points, opinions, and forms of expression is not only crucial to cultural development,

but a very reflection of local culture as a whole.

We believe in the freedom of expression. We add no clauses to that statement.

We believe that every voice is worth hearing.

We believe that you can change the world.

We believe in you believing in yourself.

How can we change the world today?

"The New Scum" is named after a body politic from the comic book Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis where the degenerate masses of the future world have been so broken by the brutality of political power in a super-technological world that they have become a mind-controlled block of pseudo-individuals being massively duped into electing a government that seems bent on destroying the very people it serves. The New Scum is championed by rogue journalist Spider Jerusalem and his filthy assistants who stop at nothing to bring justice to those who do wrong, and to find the truth- no matter how hard it hurts. We identify with these values, and the pursuit of justice, truth, life, liberty, and personal satisfaction.

How can you be a part of this?

If you have ANY QUESTION AT ALL, please do not hesitate to email us directly at

[email protected]