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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories


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The Steel Star Experiment

Free MP3!!! "Twenty One Summers"

The Steel Star Experiment is just what it sounds like - experimental music that is simply out of this world. The brainchild of Zach Elmblad, The Steel Star Experiment consists of solo material gathered between projects. Don't let the trimmed fat fool you, Zach keeps some of his best musical innovations set aside just for Steel Star. With a recording studio full of instruments, be prepared to experience music you never thought you'd hear. Much obliged.  

New EP - "Permanent Vacation"

|Free Download!|


2004 - Insignificant Youth (bonus track) - Available in the webstore soon!

  • 1) Innocence
  • 2) The Game
  • 3) In My Place f/ Tarek Abousaleh
  • 4) Deserted
  • 5) Telephone Acquiescence
  • 6) The Truth
  • 7) Rise Above
  • 8) A Free Car Wash from the Grey Skies Above
  • 9) Abandoned
  • 10) Insignificant Youth
  • 11)(BONUS TRACK) Rush Jam f/ Pete Avink and Scott Benzenberg

2005 - Darkest Hour EP (out of print, masters stolen) - If you have one of the few surviving copies, GET A HOLD OF ME NOW!

  • 1) Three Strikes
  • 2) Darkest Hour
  • 3) The Stan Song

2005 - La Chupacabra EP (out of print)

  • 1) La Chupacabra
  • 2) Forbidden Flames

2007 - Travelogue (based on events in the book "whatever happens, happens")

  • 1) Demons of the Past
  • 2) Strength
  • 3) Pride
  • 4) The Soothsayer / Harbinger
  • 5) Waste of Time
  • 6) Betrayal
  • 7) Stone's Throw from Paradise
  • 8) Overly Dramatic Pragmatist
  • 9) The Fall of Mighty Vercingetorix
  • 10) Defeat (Unrequited and Left Behind)