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Weekend Warriors

After an impromptu recording session at Western Sound Studios courtesy of Lisa from Chunk Media, we've found ourselves included in a fantastic documentary called "Weekend Warriors" about the Kalamazoo music scene. At a mere seven dollars, you should buy several and give them to your friends! Check out the trailer right here- and if you look closely, you can see Zach yelling for a split second (0:42.)

A Film Project by The New Scum

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Blurring the thin gray line between fact and fiction, Zach Elmblad's newest literary project aims to construct a hypothetical road trip in search of the American Dream. Half reality, half fantasy, "Borderline Vagabond" is a mostly true account of finding the American Dream between a Strip Club and a Waffle House in North Carolina. 

New! Square Four: Logos added 2/24/2010!

A serialized fictional story about life, death, and a metaphysical afterlife.

What happens when you die?

For one man, it was an overwhelming experience that he's having a hard time understanding. Live life over again from bacterium to bipede. Our character, named Lux Apotheosis by his newfound guides in the Fifth Dimension, relives his life on Earth to understand the intricate process of developing a fourth-dimensional consciousness- Human Beings. After he relives his own life, Lux journeys to a distant galaxy to become a creator of life.  


Everybody blogs now, and here's some sweet blogs from us and our associates.

Three Mile Island Live in the Basement!

News Feed

08/26/10 - Wow, it's been nearly five months since I last updated the news feed. Sorry. Here we go: New music project, DigiTHC - This is a new solo project by Zach, performing vocal electronica influenced by dubstep, grime, industrial, and synth rock. Dirty beats, distorted synths, heavily effected vocals, and even some appearances by traditional instruments. Zach's latest book, "A New Way Home," is now available in the New Scum Shop, on LuLu.Com, and on Also, there's a third book in the works. The manuscript is now over 150 pages, and is only half-finished. Find a sneak preview on! The New Scum Fix is now in it's 25th episode, with a special edition coming as soon as we edit it, featuring our buddy Mike D. Look for more updates on all project sites coming soon, and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for promo vids for Zach's books and even some behind the scenes clips. As always, thanks for checking us out- and come back soon!

04/01/10 - The website is updated often, but I haven't added any new news lately. Some projects coming along right now: Filming in North Carolina for the Search for a Dream, Three Mile Island Recording at Western Sound Studios, A Kalamazoo bootleg page hosting downloads of shows recorded locally in Kalamazoo by The New Scum Staff, "Disconnect Kalamazoo" a local retail outlet for Kalamazoo artists, The Stanley Slavin Foundation providing scholarships in the fine arts, as well as much much more. Whatever Happens, Happens is now available on Lulu.Com and Zach is preparing for the release of "The Long Road Home" as well as continuing many other projects.  

9/16/09 - Zach has returned from his travels revitalized and ready to make The New Scum synonymous with the culture of new media. The Search for a Dream is coming along well, and look forward to new releases from both TMI and Steel Star. As summer comes to a close, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on how great it is to be alive!

8/9/09 - It's been an epic summer for The New Scum, to say the least. The New Scum Fix is now in it's 15th week, available to download for your enjoyment. Now available in The New Scum Store: "Opiate of the Masses" and "Pyramids, Paradise, and Paradigms" by Zach Elmblad. They're only $5, and by purchasing the book instead of reading it for free on the internet, you will have a keepsake for the rest of your life. Not only that, but you will essentially be donating money to The New Scum, proper, as Zach's Facilities are currently The New Scum's facilities.  

8/2/09 - Thanks to the guys that came out to Corner Bar and Redrum on the 1st, Three Mile Island loves you. Even the guy that punched Zach in the face at Redrum. Check out the video highlights from episode 011 of The New Scum Fix. Zach finished his first published novelette, "Pyramids, Paradise, and Paradigms" which will be available in the Webstore SOON. They're $5 each and are limited to 250. Each are hand assembled, hand numbered, and autographed. Know that your purchase is funding further productions for the New Scum!  

7/18/09 - Thanks to everyone that came out to Papa Pete's to support Three Mile Island and the other great bands that played after us tonight. We had a blast, and we hope everyone else did as well! Look for us playing out again soon! The New Scum Fix Episode 11 will feature a special Video Edition so you can watch us talk instead of just listen! ( just listening is OK, too- as long as you're tuning in!) Special thanks to Ben from Ghosts of the Great Lakes for being so kind to us- we don't forget the people who treat us well! As a reminder, filming for The Search for a Dream starts September 1st. Zach and Seth have many surprises up their sleeves for this special film, and look for a public release in Kalamazoo in early 2010!    

7/3/09 - Look for stickers all over the Ohio Turnpike, Western Michigan University, and Downtown Pittsburgh! (special thanks to "the crew") Uploaded a few video projects, check them out on the new Video page. The New Scum Fix is now in it's 10th week, and it's been a blast. Check back every weekend for your new episode! Filming has been moved back from August 12 to September 1-17 in order to film Seth's trial for possession of Marijuana in Indiana.  

Seth has a new blog, The Tuna Report - Check it out often!

Three Mile Island has A show coming up at Papa Pete's in Kalamazoo, Michigan- July 18th at 8PM! Find us holding down the bar before we open the show! They'll never know what hit them!

6/19/09 - Stickers are in and they look great- they're free! Send your address to [email protected] and we'll send you a few. As always, keep listening to The New Scum Fix for insight into the words, art, music, and lives of The New Scum.

6/13/09 - Stickers ordered - coming within 2 weeks!

The New Scum Fix 006 up and ready for you to hear!

Almost ready to start printing Zach's first book! View ALL OF IT ONLINE FOR FREE at


5/30/09 - The New Scum Fix is now in it's fifth week, and feedback has been great! New episode list up as promised, including production notes as well as a featured music list . Subscribe on iTunes by clicking here If you don't want to use iTunes, then here.

PDF previews of Zach's first three books now up on the site. View them here

Individual Artist Profile Pages up! Preview the music of Steel Star, Three Mile Island, and Tuna Sled on their individual profiles.

5/20/09 - The New Scum T-shirts are coming along nicely, should have them done within the next few weeks. Keep tuning in every week for the New Scum Fix, a pod-cast hosted by Zach and Kenny. Last week with Seth in town turned out so good we added an extra hour. Subscribe here with the RSS aggregator of your choice! iTunes users click here.

5/3/09 - Introducing The New Scum Fix, a semi-weekly podcast by Zach and Ken. To subscribe, search iTunes store, or if you don't buy into the iTunes, use any RSS reader to subscribe by clicking here. First episode, 000, now available! It's free! Tune in often to get the up-to-date and releveant information regarding the Words, Art, Music, and Lives of The New Scum.  

4/21/09 - Filming of the search for the Dream begins August 10th, 2009! Appearing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno, St. Louis, Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and other select cities on this first leg of filming. Weekend appearances throughout September in New York, Washington D.C., Boston, and Pittsburgh. To schedule or suggest an interview, please email us at [email protected]