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Elmblad Media Group

Making Moments Memories


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With your hosts, Zach Elmblad and Ken Kennedy.

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and on Zune as soon as they get back to me with the acceptance email... lazy fuckers. Don't buy a Zune unless you're lame.

Due to limited webspace, we will only be keeping the 10 most current episodes on the RSS feed.

The New Scum Fix

Episode 017 -

Open Source Software, shout outs to our friends, and new studio digs.

Episode 016 -

It's been a long time coming, but we're back. Nerd-talk about guitars and rack gear, bands we've seen recently, and other equally amazing things.

Special Edition - 2009 Sep 7

Zach talks about TheNewScum.ORG project, the Search For a Dream

We've been lazy updating the last few weeks due to family shit, vacations, and technical problems. We'll see you again and on a regular basis sometime near the end of September!

Episode 015 - 2009 Aug 13

RIP Les Paul, crippling disease and accidents, Southeast Asia under boot, and antagonizing the blindly faithful

Special Edition - 2009 Aug 8

life after death, "what is a soul?", the good old days, and in what state of mind does inspiration best come?

Episode 014 - 2009 Aug 7

This week, vegetarian sausage, old-school video games, North Korea, and sicking raccoons on fat people

Episode 013 - 2009 July 30

This week, battle against the electricity tycoons, technology from Transmetropolitan, meth caves, and Zach is angry at religion... again.

Episode 012 - 2009 July 31

This week, the TMI show report, the entrepreneurial spirit of America, why burning man sucks, and waxing romantic about the great war.

Episode 011 - 2009 July 17

This week we filmed the entire show, so stay tuned for a highlight reel! As Zach and Kenny prepare for their Three Mile Island performance, the topics dart from Satanism to work stories

No featured content this week. We were getting prepped for a Three Mile Island performance. 

Episode 010 - 2009 July 10

This week, aesthetics revisited, the glorious wonder that is the Internet, and some very disturbing exorcism audio.

Lots of extra content this week!

Check our You Tube channel here!

Featured Audio:


Break - "Alpha & Omega (video version)"


Clips from "the exorcism of Anneliese Michel"

Wikipedia Article

If you're brave, download the whole piece of audio here.

Featured YouTube Videos

Iranian Crazy Shit: Students kicked off roof of University apparently this isn't actually from Iran (if you read the comments underneath it) but it's still really fucked up

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video - Part one and two

Brawndo: The Thirst MUTILATOR

Outro - 2009 Three Mile Island Rehearsals

Episode 009 - 2009 July 04

Short Show this week for the Holiday - Art, Aesthetics, Banksy, and Guerilla City Beautification


Featured Music

No Break this week

Outro - "Freaky Epidermis, Baby!" by Three Mile Island from the upcoming Instrumental album, "Psychosoma"

Episode 008 - 2009 June 26

This week, Epistemology, Ethics, McDonalds, and more on Iran (by the way it's Neda, not Mena)

here's a link to the tragic video Zach was talking about, you should really watch it

Featured Music

Break - "Flight of the Albatross pt 2 - Eye on the Prize" - Three Mile Island (unreleased)

Outro - In my Place" by Steel Star from the album "Insignificant Youth"

Episode 007 - 2009 June 19

This week, Iranian protests, Ice Cream, and Final Fantasy Nerds.

Featured Music

Break - "Threading the Needle" By Steel Star

Outro - "Valhalla Complex" by Three Mile Island from the album "PRETEN$E"

Episode 006 - 2009 June 12

This week Zach and Kenny discuss the finer points of politics and music composition, and we hear from Seth stuck in rural Virginia.

Featured Music

Break - "Hidden Phosphors Suite (Part 2 - Rusty Sputum)" By Three Mile Island

Outro - "The Truth" by Steel Star (from the album Insignificant Youth)

Episode 005 - 2009 June 3

Turning down the serious knob this week, the topic turns back to alcohol as Zach figures out how much liquid fits in his stomach.

Featured Music

Break - "Hand Rolled Cigarettes" by Steel Star

Outro - "Zyclon B" by Three Mile Island (from the album World War II)

Episode 004 - 2009 May 30

This week, shop talk from the new scum studios, and an insider look at inner city Detroit.

Featured Music

Break - "Psychosoma" by Three Mile Island

Outro - "Insignificant" by Steel Star

Episode 003 - 2009 May 23

This week, religion (again,) the enigma that is seth, and loathing the life of a service industry professional.

Featured Music

No break this week

Outro - "Overly Dramatic Pragmatist" by Steel Star

Episode 002 + Special Edition - 2009 May 14 & 15

This week on the New Scum Fix, Seth visits for the weekend and madness ensues.


Featured Music

Break: "'___' (Space, Pt1)" by Three Mile Island - "Fat Btich" by Tuna Sled

Outro: "Night Terrors (Bat Attack Mix)" by Three Mile Island

Episode 001 - 2009 May 6

Today on the New Scum Fix, we discuss and demonstrate the effect of alcohol on the artistic process.


Featured Music

Break: "Stalingrad" by Three Mile Island from the album "World War II"

Outro - "Free Car Wash from the Grey Skies Above" by Steel Star from the album " Insignificant Youth"

Episode 000 - 2009 May 2

Today on the New Scum Fix, we test out the New Scum Studios, not-so-fondly remember our high school days, and discuss a broad range of cultural oddities.

Featured Music

Break: "Waste of Time" by Steel Star from the album "The Long Road Home"

Outro - "Alpha and Omega" by Three Mile Island from the album "PRETEN$E"