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Elmblad Media Group

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We want to find the American Dream. Wherever, whenever, however, whoever, or whatever it may be.   

Of course, we don't think it's an actual -thing-, but more of a series of stories carried on through generations by the people that lived or wanted to live here. Stories that reverberate in some strange synapse in the back of our minds. The American Dream means a whole lot to a whole lot of people. To us here at The New Scum, it's being able to mold and shape our lives as we see fit. With our liberty and justice, we seek to explore the greatest depths of America - North, South, East, and West. We want provide you with a wide array of captivating, day to day stories in America that get missed and thrown on the wayside in lieu of some great flash in the pan celebrity with the IQ of a two year-old. Through these stories, and our own, we wish to share our take on the culturally diverse, intrinsic, colloquial, and at times strange manifestations of "The American Dream."  

 "The Search for a Dream - Detroit Prologue"


 As Americans, what do we have to say for ourselves in this third Millennium of the common era? In this new world of global communication, what identifies us as a nation? Our liberties? Our innovations? The crumbling remnants of the age of expansion? NASA can send a man to the moon, but it takes a sixteen-year-old kid to figure out what microbes eat plastic. Humankind has always looked beyond, to the future, to project their short-sighted predictions about how much better life could be in five, ten, a hundred years. Almost invariably, they are mistaken. Throughout years innumerable, humankind has sought to project it's legacy unto its subsequent generations. For the sins of our fathers a thousand fold, our generation has been charged with the epoch conditions of a turbulent age. The imposing and cyclopean charge we have accrued isn't as simple as a science fiction novel could have foreseen. Mass global communication at an instant? Check. Pinpoint global positioning? Check. World peace? ... What does progression sow but new ideas, and the shattered ruins of past triumphs? Young generations are nurtured by their progenitors, encapsulated to show the thrill of being set free. Free to the pursuits of life, liberty, and happiness- by whatever values and morals our caged bird may indeed hold. Set free into a world of polar opposites. A world with rich and poor, young and old, life and death, love and hate, peace and war. But what is the cost of this charge? What's the end game here? Where are we headed? To a world full of ruinous reminders of what once was great? The American Dream is an omniscient force in our nation. The prevailing thought that nothing can stand in the way of the will of humankind. The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory- all set out for YOU.  

But this isn't the reality we're dealing with here.  

The self-proclaimed greatest nation on earth is starting to show its age- in it's buildings, it's people, and it's zeitgeist. No one really has a clear idea of what it is to be an American, but we all share one common goal- the American Dream. What is it? is it even a thing? We aim to find out. Join us, on a quest across America to find out what Americans dream by finding them all over this country of ours and asking them one simple question- What is the American Dream? 

What happens in Ohio, stays in Ohio

What happens in Ohio, stays in Ohio.

Sorry, Just a picture this time. I figured it'd be worth a laugh.

"The Search for a Dream - The Journey West"


California. The West Coast. It calls to me. I'm Zach Elmblad, and I want to take you with me on a journey to America's West coast, in search of the American Dream. It isn't the first time I've headed West, it probably won't be the last time either. I don't even know what I'm looking for, to tell you the truth, but I have a feeling I might find something there. I've been all over this country of ours, but this can get old really quick. There's just something inherently more peaceful about this scene. There's just something I love about driving through America. If you have the time, why would you ever fly? I mean, some of the best times I've ever had were on the road. "So, uh, we decided we're just going to go to Vegas, and, uh, also, I'm reminded of the days when I was poor. I'm actually eating cold ravioli out of the can, with a knife. It's like spear-fishing for meaty pasta goodness. This is how it's done." To me, the 'great American road-trip psychodrama' serves mostly as an escape. It's my American Dream. The open highway is freedom incarnate, a living, breathing organism - that can take with it as much as it can give. From cheap hotels in the desert Southwest, "say hi, Zach," to yo-yoing in Arches, National Park. For anyone who's ever driven just for the sake of going somewhere else, this idea isn't too foreign. An appreciation for both the things smaller than you, and the things that make you feel like you're part of something much bigger, and laughing when you remember a good story. It's about seeing the things you already know are there, and maybe even seeing a few unexpected things along the way. Through the rolling plains, the wide open spaces, with the endless road, and the dark Vegas night, it's easy to let your dreams wander. "There are many beautiful women here, and many dollars to be spent. And some day, when I'm a rich man, I'm going to come back here and take advantage of both of those things. 'that it?' That's it. That's it..." The salute to gathering memories and adventures. The drinks with friends. The wild, care-free nights, and the endless temptations. And giving in to those temptations, too. While not forgetting the need to leave again, because tomorrow is always another day, and with it- another adventure. But sometimes, sadly, a memory that fades too soon. (music) "I know you're watching me, in hope I'm breaking apart- I know you're wishing me, this you knew from the start. I think you're losing me, I just don't think you know it yet. I hope you'll cry for me- it fits your style that you beg. You said you'd die for me, I think we'll put it to the test. Take a walk with me, chose the path that you like best." Perhaps the greatest thing about cross-country travel is the profound affect it can have on your perspective. You find out, at the same time, how different we are - and yet how, strangely enough, we're all kind of the same. Wandering helplessly, but always headed somewhere. When I head out West, in search of a dream, I don't know what I'll find. But rest assured, I'll let you know as soon as I do.

The Search for a Dream - An Online Video Magazine

An intentionally arranged series of images, words, and sounds

By The New Scum Productons

Featuring the Cities and Citizens of the United States of America

Starring Seth Dwyer and Zach Elmblad

Narrated by The New Scum Staff

Directed by Zach Elmblad

Music by Three Mile Island and The Steel Star Experiment

Filmed on Location all Across America


Filming for "Asphalt Ouroboros," and "Making a successful website, by an unsuccessful website" is underway, and look for an update to that effect without delay!

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