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The performing group Three Mile Island, Ken Kennedy and Zach Elmblad, first began with some tentative practice sessions in the rural outskirts of Kalamazoo, MI sometime around the summer of 2004. Feeding from influences as varied as The Mars Volta, Boris, SUNN(O))), Pink Floyd, Clutch, Meshuggah, Ministry, and High on Fire; TMI have a lot to offer even the most pretentious of ears. Showcasing his innovative playing techniques, Kenny has bedazzled audiences with onstage antics including stabbing his instrument with a hunting knife, playing an 8-string bass behind his head, and manipulating feedback to shake the foundations of buildings. Zachus reinforces the duo, demonstrating his multi-instrumental prowess by emerging from behind his nest of drums wielding guitars, keyboards, digerdidoos, saxaphones, samplers, and improvised instruments. TMI believes that music is best captured in its raw, live form. Therefore, TMI's music is captured for recording by the same process which they approach live performance: "Press start, and go nuts until someone tells us to stop." You never know what you're going to get at a Three Mile Island performance- A maniac with a giant bass and a power drill, a brutal sonic attack, a beautiful spontaneous creation, a soundscape to daydream to, or just two idiots on a stage with expensive machines. No matter how you slice it, no human comes home from a Three Mile Island performance with the same take on music they had before they saw them.