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Three Mile Island - Widdly Scuds


If the stream doesn't work, click HERE

Chunk Media and The New Scum Present:

"Widdly Scuds"

Produced and Recorded by Lisa Bridenstine

Intro by Zach Elmblad

Lyrics //

Hope you warned the masses; hounds come out all gates!

Walls of distortion, our arrival seals your fate.

Keep a beefheart, always venture captain.

Clouds drip Mercury, silencing sunsets.

Thousand parts progress, fold in no capital.

Add enough passion to burn down the ocean.

When will you go? When will you know?

No way out, no way out.

Fear, hatred, death, and dying.

Drums, Vocals - Zach Elmblad

Bass, Vocals, Cowboy Hat - Ken Kennedy

Copyright 2010 by The New Scum Productions

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